Set yourself apart, become a Master Home Builder

Our highly regarded Master Home Builder designation makes a powerful statement about your commitment to professionalism, performance, education and exceptional customer service. Elevate your reputation in the competitive new home marketplace and become a Master Home Builder.

To qualify for the Master Home Builder designation, you must:

  • Be currently employed by a home building company that is a member in good standing with The Alberta New Home Warranty Program, and
  • be a member in good standing with a local home building association, and
  • have been employed in a senior decision-making role for a minimum of 5 years, and
  • have successfully completed all of the required courses and elective courses (equivalent to the Residential Management Certification)
  • have successfully complete 16 hours of continuing education annually

Required courses

The following required courses can be completed in any order*:

* Generally speaking, courses can be completed in any order. However, if you're new to the construction industry, it's highly recommended that you complete Construction Fundamentals (RCSM Level 1) as one of your elective courses prior to beginning any other construction course. Though it's not a required course, if you have no familiarity with reading blueprints, you’ll need to complete the Plans, Specifications and Drawings course as one of your electives before beginning the Estimating for Single-Family Homes course.

** Excluding Construction Performance GuidelinesEnergy Code, and our Construction Technology course online portion.

Continuing education requirements

To maintain your Master Home Builder designation, we require that you complete 16 hours of continuing education annually. Proof of attendance must accompany the application and renewal forms. To satisfy the continuing education requirement, you must:

  • Successfully complete any PHBI or industry-related course, seminar, or conference; or
  • continuing education courses associated with a professional designation; or
  • general professional development training; or
  • completion of an executive level course offered at an advanced educational learning institution.

How to apply

If you meet the qualification criteria and have successfully completed the required courses, you can apply to become a Master Home Builder. To maintain your designation, you must renew your application annually and pay the annual renewal fee.

Application forms

Membership fees

  • $175+ GST (CAD) annually (individual)
  • $50+ GST (CAD) annually (company*)
*For a company to become a member in good standing, you must have a minimum of one staff member that has completed the Master Home Builder desgination and have kept up with their membership requirements and fees.

Lapsed Master Home Builder designation

Failure to meet any of the following will result in a lapsed Master Home Builder designation:

  • Failure to renew the designation annually
  • Failure to pay the annual membership renewal fee.
  • You are no longer employed by a company who is a member of The Alberta New Home Warranty Program.
  • You are no longer employed by a company who has a membership with a local home builder association.
  • You do not have 5 years experience in a senior decision-making role. 
  • You have not completed 16 hours of continuing education annually. 
If your company has been provided the Master Home Builder logo for marketing purposes, a lapsed status would result in immediate removal of that logo from your website and marketing materials, and your company name will be removed from our Master Home Builder directory.

For your Master Home Builder designation to be reinstated, you must:
  1. Review the Master Home Builder designation requirements and ensure they are all met.
  2. Request to have your designation reinstated by contacting us.
  3. Fill out the renewal forms and pay the membership fees.

Master Home Builder Directory

The following companies hold Master Home Builder designations in good standing.

Calgary & area

Edmonton & area

Grande Prairie & area

Lethbridge & area

Red Deer & area