Set yourself apart as a leader in residential construction

Our highly regarded Master Home Builder designation makes a powerful statement about your commitment to professionalism, performance, education and exceptional customer service.

Certification is available to individuals who meet the following requirements:

  • Is currently employed by a home building company that is a member of The Alberta New Home Warranty Program and a local home building association, and
  • has been employed in a senior decision-making role for a minimum of 5 years, and
  • has completed the required courses and elective courses noted below (equivalent to the Residential Management Certification).

Required courses

  • Building Codes
  • Business & Management Fundamentals (previously Business Planning & Management)
  • Communication & Negotiation
  • Customer Service Professional
  • Estimating
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Law Fundamentals for the Home Building Industry
  • Moisture Control Technician Certificate (offered through SAIT)
  • New Home Marketing
  • Five elective courses from PHBI's course catalog, with the exception of short courses including Construction Performance Guidelines, Energy Code and the online portion of our Construction Technology 2 course. The Business Ethics course is a recommended elective.

Courses can be completed in any order, with the exception of Construction Fundamentals, which should be completed an elective prior to beginning Building Codes or Estimating.

Designation requirements

  • You must apply to PHBI to be recognized as an accredited Master Builder
  • You must renew the designation annually and pay the annual renewal fee
  • You (or your company) must be a member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program
  • You (or your company) must be a member of a local home building association
  • You must have a minimum of five years’ experience in a senior decision-making role
  • You must complete 16 hours of continuing education annually

Continuing education requirements

We require 16 hours of continuing education annually. Proof of attendance must accompany the application and renewal forms. To satisfy the continuing education requirement, you must:

  • Successfully complete any PHBI or industry-related course, seminar, or conference; or
  • continuing education courses associated with a professional designation; or
  • general professional development training; or
  • completion of an executive level course offered at an advanced educational learning institution.

Membership fees

  • $175 + gst (CAD) annually (individual)
  • $50+ gst (CAD) annually (company*)
*For a company to become a member, you must have a minimum of one staff member that has completed the Master Home Builder® certification and have kept up with their membership requirements and fees.

Lapsed PHBI accredited Master Home Builder

Failure to meet any of the following will result in a PHBI accredited Master Home Builder® not meeting the renewal requirements of the designation:

  • Renew the designation annually. 
  • Pay the annual membership renewal fee.
  • No longer employed by a company who is a member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.
  • Employer is no longer a member of 5 years experience in a senior decision-making role. 
  • The candidate has not completed 16 hours of continuing education annually. 
If your company has provided PHBI with its logo for use on PHBI's website, a lapsed status would result in removal of the logo from your website. Additionally, your company may no longer include the Master Home Builder® designation in their marketing material.

For the Master Home Builder® status to be reinstated, you must:
  • Review the accreditation requirements and ensure they are all met.
  • Request to have your designation reinstated via email
  • Fill out the renewal forms and pay the membership fees. 
  • Provide PHBI with the Master Home Builder® logo, if desired, to be added to PHBI's website.

Application forms

Certified Master Home Builder Members

Increase your company’s value and elevate its reputation in Alberta’s competitive new home marketplace and apply for the Master Home Builder Certification. This coveted certification allows you to advertise your business as a PHBI-accredited Master Home Builder. In fact, many companies formally change their corporate names to include the powerful and prestigious "Master Builder" appellation. Certification has been earned by the following member companies:

Calgary & Area

Edmonton & Area

Grande Prairie & Area

Lethbridge & Area

Red Deer & Area

Our professional commitment

We're committed to creating a better residential construction industry — discover what sets Master Home Builders apart. 

Master Home Builder Professional Commitments

  • Have proper regard for the safety and welfare of all persons on their work sites.
  • Have proper regard for the physical and natural environment affected by their work.
  • Undertake to comply with all municipal, provincial and national building codes and standards applicable to their workplace and work environment.
  • Have proper regard for the interests of the consumer and act fairly in interactions with all parties.
  • Undertake only work that they feel competent and qualified to perform by virtue of their training and experience.
  • Only give advice on matters that they have adequate knowledge and a thorough understanding of the situation.
  • Only submit to municipal or provincial authorities, applications that have been prepared by themselves or under their direct supervision.
  • Not use plans, specifications or designs of other builders unless written permission from that builder has been obtained.
  • Not use any unethical practices for the purposes of securing sales, assignments or various permits.
  • Only provide information to industry associations, financial institutions or mortgage insurance companies that are accurate, to the best of their knowledge.
  • Present their qualifications to the public and the industry and to do so without exaggeration.
  • Conduct themselves with others in fairness and in good faith.
  • Maintain membership in good standing with both The Alberta New Home Warranty Program and an Alberta Home Builders' Association.

Master Home Builder Code of Ethics

  • Build their knowledge of home building techniques and remain active in continuing their education.
  • Dedicate themselves to enhancing the consumers' understanding of the Alberta Home Building Industry and ensure their professional knowledge will benefit the home consumer.
  • Demonstrate at all times, to associates and those in training, a caring spirit of understanding and professionalism.
  • Select staff that are qualified, ethical, and professional and support their continued personal growth and industry education.
  • Support the use of this Code of Ethics to guide their conduct, while at all times recognizing that by following the Code of Ethics they enhance the dignity and status of the Alberta home building industry.