Blended Learning

This format melds online and classroom learning.  First, core knowledge is covered in the online portion to ensure all students arrive in the classroom with a base level of understanding. This makes the classroom experience far more focused, effective and rewarding. (Participants new to the industry or the subject matter can spend as much time as needed on the online portion, while more experienced participants can usually move through the online content quite quickly.)

Blended learning courses:

Business Courses

  • Business Ethics
  • Business Planning & Management
  • Communication & Negotiation
  • Human Resources Management
  • Law Fundamentals for the Home Building Industry

Construction Courses

  • Building Codes
  • Construction Technology 1
  • Home Building on Alberta Soils
  • Plans, Specifications & Drawings
  • Problem Solving in Home Building
  • Project Management & Supervision

Sales & Marketing Courses

  • Customer Service Professional