To help the residential construction industry's businesses thrive and its individual practitioners advance their careers, PHBI currently offers eight certification programs.

PHBI 's certification programs are designed to enlarge three core competencies that factor largely in the success of every home building business:  Construction, Business, and Sales & Marketing.

Construction Certifications

In the quarter century since PHBI was founded, Alberta's home building industry has gone through vast and dramatic changes.

The steady emergence of new materials, advanced building technologies and increased warranty obligations brings the promise of higher quality, more energy efficient homes. At the same time, it heightens the challenges and complexities of the homebuilder's craft.

In such rapidly evolving environment, PHBI's brand of builder education is more important than ever before.

To help keep you on the leading edge of the industry, PHBI offers three certification programs focused on new home construction.

Management Certifications

PHBI's evolution has been driven largely by our understanding that on their own, home building skills are not enough to ensure long-term success in our industry. Effective management skills are a crucial yet often underestimated dimension of any home builder's success.

Beyond empowering you to rise to the challenge of the home building industry by successfully applying the fundamentals of business management, PHBI's highly regarded Management Certifications bring a significant measure of credibility and image of professionalism to those who earn them.

Sales Certifications

As new home buyers grow ever more sophisticated, those in the business of selling new homes need to ensure their industry knowledge and selling skills are top-notch.

Learning to successfully manage the sales process opens the door to increased sales, and honing your selling and interpersonal skills paves the way to becoming a leader in your field.