Communication & Negotiation

Business success depends on cooperation, collaboration and skillful communication. Tap into the power of interpersonal relations, and gain practice in the art of negotiation. Through role-play scenarios, you will uncover effective ways to engage audiences, guide meaningful discussions and set clear expectations with clients and colleagues. 

Knowledge & Skill Building Areas

Day 1

  • The Meaning of "Conflict"
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Self-management in Conflict
  • Barriers to Negotiation
  • The Nature & Dynamics of Power
  • Active Listening
  • Assertive Speaking

Day 2

  • Conflict Styles
  • The "Negotiation Hat"
  • The Bases of Negotiation: Positions, Issues & Interests
  • The Interest-based Model and its Stages
  • How to Shift from Positions to Interests
  • Practice (role-playing)

Day 3

  • How to Probe for Interests
  • How to Shift from Adversarial to Collaborative
  • Practice (role-playing)
  • Quiz

Day 4

  • Evaluation (Model & Skills)
  • Debriefing (What worked? What challenges remain?)

Qualified Mediator Designation

Successful completion of this course qualifies towards the equivalent of 30 hours of training towards a national Qualified Mediator Designation.

For completion of the educational requirements for the Qualified Mediator Designation students will be required to complete an additional 50 hours of training which must include a 40-hour approved mediation course.  For information on approved courses and institutions, please contact the ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA).

Recommended learning path with ADRIA:

  1. PHBI Communication and Negotiation training (30 hours)
  2. Three role-play practice sessions as a "skilled" negotiator and the successful completion of a negotiation skills evaluation (10 hours)
  3. National Introductory Mediation Training program (40 hours)

Please contact ADRIA for course information and scheduling. 

Ideal candidates for taking this course are:   Designers, Drafts persons, Estimators, Inspectors, Site Supervisors, Construction Managers, Warranty Representatives and Technicians, Trades, Suppliers, Purchasing Agents, Support Staff, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Professionals and Management. 

This course is required for the following certifications:  Residential Construction Site Manager (RCSM), Residential Management, Master Home Builder and Master Home Renovator. 

Delivery method:

This blended e-learning course combines 15 pages of pre-reading, with four days of classroom learning.

Classroom times:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Classroom locations:  This course is delivered by PHBI in Calgary and Edmonton.  Courses can also be held in other locations based on demand.

Passing grade:  There is no final exam in this course.  You will receive either a pass or a fail based the evaluation on your classroom role play activities.

Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for this course.