Home Building on Alberta Soils

Avoid potentially disastrous and expensive issues by learning how to identify soil conditions that necessitate changes to a home construction project plan. Expanding your understanding of developer reports, logs and assessments will equip you for informed discussions with geotechnical engineers and prepare you to implement the appropriate construction techniques for your homes.  

Knowledge & Skill Building Areas

  • Identify the basic properties of soils.
  • Recognize site conditions requiring special attention.
  • Describe development requirements from the pre-development stage to post construction.
  • Describe common causes of foundation and structural damage.
  • Identify and understand potential solutions to soil problems.
  • Describe common remediation techniques.
  • Interpret the building codes in relation to proper building techniques on soils.
  • Become familiar with legal issues surrounding residential building construction.
  • List what should be considered in the order of operations for residential development.

Audio tips and interactive learning exercises throughout the course assist in the retention of the key information .  

Ideal candidates for taking this course are:   Construction Managers, Site Supervisors, Designers, Warranty Representatives, Estimators, Sub Trades, Contractors and other members of a building team. 

This course is required for the following certifications:  Residential Construction Site Manager (RCSM), Professional Site Manager and is an elective course for Residential Management and Master Home Builder. 

Delivery method: This blended e-learning course contains approximately 15 hours of online learning with one day of workshop learning.  We suggest that you complete one or two modules per week, over a period of eight weeks.  

Workshop:   Once you have completed the online course, you will participate in a hands-on workshop at the Stantec's Soils & Materials Laboratory in Calgary or Edmonton where you will have the opportunity to apply the theory covered in the online course. Under the guidance of qualified geotechnical and materials professionals, you will classify soil samples and observe some typical laboratory tests that are done on soil. You will also view video footage of rough grading activities, compaction testing and foundation excavations. With the course instructor, you will review available plans, geotechnical reports, borehole logs and building grade forms (if available). You will also discuss geotechnical concerns identified for various construction sites and how they will be addressed.  

Based on demand, this workshop is typically held in the spring and fall in both Calgary & Edmonton.   Groups will be limited to a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants. You must complete modules 1 - 4 before you can participate in the workshop.  The cost of the workshop is included in your registration fee for the course.

Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Exam & passing grade:  The exam for this course is closed book. The passing grade is 70% and 100% workshop attendance is compulsory to qualify for PHBI certification.