Master Home Renovator

(essential accreditation for professional home renovators)

Are you interested in entering the home renovation business?

Are you a practicing renovator seeking to expand your construction knowledge as well as your business acumen?

Through the Master Home Renovator program, you’ll learn the principles and intricacies of the home renovation business while you build the knowledge and know-how to grow your business and see it thrive.

Along with this valuable certification comes the ability to advertise as a PHBI-accredited Master Home Renovator – a proclamation of advanced knowledge and professionalism certain to increase your visibility, your impact and your reputation in the marketplace.

Required Courses

  • Construction Fundamentals (RCSM 1) - replaces Introduction to Master Home Renovator Certification Program
  • Building Codes
  • Business & Management Fundamentals -replaces Business Planning & Management
  • Communication & Negotiation
  • Construction Technology 2
  • Customer Service Professional
  • Estimating
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Law Fundamentals for the Home Building Industry
  • Moisture Control Technician Certificate

Please note:  effective February 11, 2015, the elective course has been replaced with  Construction Technology 2.  Construction Technology 2 is now a required course.  

Recommended order to complete courses

Courses can be taken in any order.  For those new to the construction process, it is highly recommended that participant's take Construction Fundamentals(RCSM 1) before Building Codes, Construction Technology 2, Moisture Control Technician or Estimating.  Though it's not a required course for the certification, if participants have no familiarity with reading blue prints, they will need to take the Plans, Specifications and Drawings course before taking the Estimating course.  The remaining courses can be taken in any order.

Master Home Renovator Requirements

Individual Application form for PHBI accredited Master Home Renovator

Individual Renewal form for PHBI accredited  Master Home Renovator

Company Application form for PHBI accredited Master Home Renovator