Moisture Control Certificate

Moisture is the leading cause of failure in residential construction building envelopes. In partnership with PHBI, a Moisture Control  Certificate is offered and delivered through SAIT that will show you how dampness can invade a building - and help you prevent and correct moisture problems in your residential construction projects. Through eight self-study modules and a two-day onsite learning session in either Calgary or Edmonton, you'll examine the building science of moisture control and durability in wood frame housing, acquiring the knowledge you need to eliminate moisture issues.

Knowledge & Skill Building areas

  • Understand how climates affect the different types of moisture entry into buildings and how it has changed in the history of construction
  • Control movement of different moisture types in and out of the building envelope
  • Explain moisture accumulation and removal techniques
  • Exhibit construction practices to control moisture
  • Discover how land topography can affect water drainage

Ideal candidates for taking this course are:   Designers, Drafts persons, Inspectors, Site Supervisors, Construction Managers, Warranty Representatives and Technicians, Trades, Suppliers, Support Staff, Customer Service Representatives and Management. 

Delivery method:

This certificate consists of a 6-month study at your own pace course, plus a mandatory 2-day site visit.  Each site visit*  will be two full days.  On the first day you will be visiting a construction site and doing moisture control assessments.  The second day will involve a review and final exam. 

For detailed course information or to register, visit SAIT at (Distance Education Calendar/CNST-001 & CNST-005). 

  • Building Moisture Control (self study modules) CNST-001
  • Moisture Control Site Visit CNST-005

You can reach SAIT through their general inquiries contact numbers.  Phone number 403.284.7248 or 1.877.284.7248.

 *After completing the CNST-001, please contact SAIT  quoting course code CNST-005 to register for the site visit date that will work best for you.  Moisture Control operation hours are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  Site visit locations are not confirmed by SAIT until the Thursday or Friday prior to the site visit date.  Site visit dates can be cancelled by SAIT 5 business days prior to the site visit start date.  All attendants will receive an  email if this is the case from SAIT.

Certificates of completion will be provided by SAIT upon request by the student.  Please contact SAIT for further information.