New Home Sales Executive

(another huge stride toward sales leadership)

Are you seeking a senior sales management appointment?

Are you eager to hone your sales management and business management knowledge and skills?

 Required Courses

  • Condominium Fundamentals
  • Construction Basics for Sales 1
  • Construction Basics for Sales 2
  • Customer Service Professional
  • New Home Marketing
  • Sales Skills Fundamentals (previously Professional Selling 1)
  • Advances Sales Skills (previously Professional Selling 2) 
  • Business & Management Fundamentals (previously Business Planning & Management)
  • Law Fundamentals for the Home Building Industry
  • Sales Management

Recommended order to complete courses

With the exception of Professional Selling 1 which needs to be completed prior to Professional Selling 2, participants can take the courses in any order.  It is recommended that the following courses be completed near the end of the certification

1. New Home Marketing

2.  Business Planning & Management

3. Law Fundamentals for the Home Building Industry

4. Sales Management