Policies & Procedures


Types of Payment Accepted

VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, cheque or invoice

We process credit card payments immediately upon registration.

Payment by invoice can also be arranged by contacting PHBI at askphbi@phbi.ca

Course Withdrawals, Transfers, Substitutions & Cancellations

Withdrawal or transfer from a course

Classroom delivery or Soils Workshop • PHBI will issue a full refund less a $50 + GST administrative fee provided we receive the request via email (askphbi@phbi.ca) at least eight calendar days before the scheduled start date. The course fee will not be refunded in whole or in part if a student withdraws seven days prior to the start date or after the start date of a class.

Online delivery or  E-class  • PHBI will issue a full refund less a $50 + GST administrative fee provided we receive the request via email (askphbi@phbi.ca) before beginning the online course. The course fee will not be refunded in whole or in part if a student withdraws after beginning the online course

Student substitutions • For a $50 + GST administrative fee, a student may take the place of another student enrolled in a PHBI course before a course has been started provided we receive 24 hours’ notice via email  (askphbi@phbi.ca).

Withdrawal due to illness • If a student withdraws for medical reasons confirmed in writing by a physician, we will refund 100% of the course fee less a $50 + GST administrative fee.

Course cancellations • Students will receive full refunds if PHBI cancels or reschedules a course. (Fees are payable in full if a student enrols in a rescheduled course.)

Refunds • are issued according to the original method of payment and may take up to six weeks (unless requested sooner via e-mail to askphbi@phbi.ca).


Completion of a certification • PHBI respects individual differences in learning and in work/life commitments. We place no limitations on the time a student may take to complete a certification. The only exception to this policy is for those individuals completed the Residential Construction Site Management (RCSM) Program.  Please see RCSM policies for further information.

Late submission of assignments or projects • are due on the date specified by the facilitator.  A late submission will result in an immediate 5% deduction on the mark.  A further 5% deduction will be applied for each additional week the assignment is late being handed in.

Completion of online portion of blended learning courses • Students are required to finish the on-line portion of a blended learning course prior to entering the classroom.  Failure to complete the on-line portion will result in a student not being permitted to attend the classroom training and will result in the loss of your tuition.

Completion of  online or e-class courses • Students have 6 months from the date of course registration to complete each E-Class or online course.  The exception to this is for the Construction Fundamentals (RCSM 1) online course.  For this course only, students will be allowed access to the online course for 12 months from the date of course registration.

Extension request for 100% online or e-class  courses • If you are unable to complete a course within the original 6 month time period allotted, you may apply and purchase up to three extensions.  Each extension is three months in length.  The fee for each extension is $100 + GST.

Access to Electronic Course Material

Upon request, PHBI will provide students registered in a classroom course with a link to access and download a PDF version of the course manual if an electronic version of the manual is available.

If a student withdraws or transfers from a course after receiving the manual, the cost of the manual will be deducted from any refund the student receives.

Fee Schedule

Duplicate requests for student records • $25 + GST Includes any duplicate notification such as course completion letter or employer notification

Replacement course or certification certificate • $25 + GST. 

Please note, after July 1, 2014, only PHBI’s newly branded certificate is available.

Dishonoured cheque • $20 + GST

Declined credit card transaction • $20 + GST

Course equivalency or proficiency test (challenging a course) •  Students who have completed an equivalent course with a 3rd party or feel they have proficiency in the subject matter may choose to pay a $150 + GST fee per course and take PHBI's exam for our course.  The challenge exam was developed specifically for PHBI's course content. 

Students will only be given one opportunity to challenge an exam.  No challenge exam rewrites are permitted.

Students who successfully complete PHBI’s exam with a minimum passing grade of 70% or greater will receive a certificate of completion for having successfully challenged the exam as well as a $150 credit towards the next PHBI course they complete.  Only one course credit can be applied towards the tuition of another course.

Students will not be provided with access to PHBI’s course materials in order to prepare for the exam.  In order to have access to all of the course material, a student will need to pay for the full price of the course.  A minimum of 5 business days notice prior to the exam date is required to schedule an exam.

No course challenge is available for PHBI's Communication and Negotiation course.  

Transcripts • $25 + GST per student transcript

Duplicate tax receipt • $25+ GST

Exam rewrite • $50 + GST per rewrite. 

Classroom courses: A student may rewrite an exam that receives a grade of 60% or higher within 3 months of the last day of a classroom course. The fee must be paid in advance. 

Online courses:   A student may rewrite an exam within 3 months of completing online course. The fee must be paid in advance.  

If a student does not successfully complete the final exam of a PHBI course, they have a maximum of two (2) additional exam rewrites before the course needs to be retaken

Rescheduling an exam $50 + GST.  If an exam needs to be rescheduled with less than 5 business days notice, a $50 + GST fee will apply.  No fee will be charged to reschedule an exam providing that at least 5 business days advance notice is given. 

Attendance Policy

A student must attend all classes/complete all course hours to proceed to the course examination.  If there are extenuating circumstances, a student can send an email to askphbi@phbi.ca requesting a review of their situation by PHBI’s Executive Director.  Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Passing Grade

All PHBI courses have a minimum passing grade of 70%.

Private In-House course delivery

PHBI offers custom training classes to home building companies in their offices are available on a company by company basis.  Information on our Private In-House courses is available under the classroom tab of our website.  For more information, please contact askphbi@phbi.ca.