Private In-House

PHBI offers custom training classes to home building companies in their offices.

  • Existing PHBI courses will be tailored to focus on the specific topics on which management wishes to concentrate.
  • Instructors who are recognized as subject matter experts in their respective disciplines from within the home building industry will prepare programs for immediate impact on the participants.
  • Flexibility for course dates and times are also added features of this type of training.
  • Please email PHBI for further information at
  •  All custom training course contracts require prepayment in full at the time of registration and are subject to PHBI's standard cancellation policy.
  • Communication and Negotiation, Home Building on Alberta Soils and Moisture Control Technician courses are exempt from this policy as they are delivered by a third party association.

All participants will be registered as PHBI students and their marks recorded. Successful completion of the course will be recognized and credited towards the applicable certificate program.  Any significant changes to the existing course content will result in the students not receiving course credit to the applicable program.