Student Testimonials

Business Course Testimonials


Business Ethics

“One of the most interesting courses that I have attended.  This course helped affirm the direction companies should follow.”  Tom, Homes By Us

“I would recommend this course as it helped me to assess my own beliefs and challenge my ideas on ethics.” PHBI student

“Being exposed to the topics in this course can only ensure you are able to be more ethical in your business practices.  Great material.”  Marie, Homes By Us.

Business & Management Fundamentals

“Great course as it gives you an overall big picture of management and business.  It also teaches fundamentals which are important building blocks to understanding.”  Stuart, Stepper Homes

“Very practical knowledge and skills that can be applied to any position.  Definitely recommend.”  PHBI student

“Good course content.  Instructor was great and has lots of examples related to the industry of home building.”  Kevin, Hopewell Residential

 “This course provides a great jump start on the business world and really gives you an overall idea of what a proper business should look like and perform.” Jesse, Mason Martin Homes

Communication & Negotiation

“I would definitely recommend this course as it has been a huge eye opener about identifying underlying issues.  It’s not all black and white.” Andrew, Morrison Homes

“I would recommend this course because it opens your mind to resolving any type of issue or concern in a positive way.” Rita, New West Homes

“This course creates a great environment to be open about your skills and to learn where your weaknesses are.  It allows you to practice the new skills discussed.”  Will, Morrison Homes

“The content is relevant in all facets of life.  Very useful.”  Laurissa, San Rufo Homes

“Knowing behavior styles and negotiation techniques is important to everyone in business as communication is the key process of business.” Andy, McKee Homes

Finance & Accounting

 “Great general overview of accounting and financing as it pertains to our industry.  Assists in managing your business day to day and increases efficiencies.  PHBI student

"The basics in understanding the financial requirements when starting a company, extremely important." PHBI student

"Wonderful, straight-forward course that is very relevant to the industry with very relevant industry examples."  PHBI student

“All relevant information.  Quick and to the point.  Easy to stay focused and learn.” PHBI student

Law Fundamentals

“I would highly recommend this course.  Important information that is imperative to what we do.  Should be mandatory.”  Shaughan, Kimberley Homes

 “Very Informative.  Outlines key concepts important to our industry.” Kimberly, Kimberley Homes

 “This is 100% applicable in our day to day so I really appreciate going further into detail for my own understanding and ability to relay info to clients.” Caitlin Kanizay, Kimberley Homes

 “Covers various aspects that a home builder deals with on a day to day basis.  Relevant to real life job situations.”  PHBI student

 “Benefit to knowing my own rights along with what I am legally responsible for in the industry.”  PHBI student

Construction Course Testimonials


Building Codes

“I would recommend this course to everyone who works in construction.  Useful information.” Koen, De Waal Developments

“Great understanding to have in the new home industry” Tyler, Rohit Communities Inc.

“This course gives you a very good understanding of how the code is organized and how to find the information you require.” Chris, Carrington Construction

“Highly recommend this course.  Able to apply what has been taught in class on the field.  Great guidance from the instructor.” Ebtisam, Cambridge Meridian Developments

 “It is very good for people to learn how to use the code book.  Knowing the answer is one thing, being able to find and prove your answer is totally different.” Josh, Coventry Homes

“Very informative course.  Good knowledge on how to use the ABC code book. “ Kevin, McKinley Masters

Construction Fundamentals (RCSM 1)

“This is a great course for someone starting in the industry.”  Ryan, Brookfield Residential

“For experienced site managers, even if there is minimal new information, the refresher value and applicability of the course material is very useful.” Dan, Brookfield Residential

“Excellent course with a wealth of information for residential construction site management.” PHBI student

“I recommend this course. As someone who had very little idea on how to build a residential house prior to the course, I feel that I have a very good grasp of the steps and procedures now” PHBI student

“I'd recommend it to all trades involved in building a home.  It's good to know what other trades are doing as it affects everyone involved one way or another.” PHBI student

“Lots of knowledge gained with a very good overview of all the construction processes involved in building a home. Helped me round out my knowledge of some trades that I knew very little about.” PHBI student

Construction Performance Guidelines

“My understanding of the guidelines is much stronger after taking this course.” PHBI student

“This course does a great job of explaining how to use the Construction Performance Guidelines” PHBI student

 “I would recommend this course to my employees, so they have a better idea of what is and is not a warrantable defect. It may help show homeowners what they can reasonably expect from their new home.” PHBI student

Construction Technology 1

“I would definitely recommend this course for my site construction managers & service technicians.”  PHBI student

“Great knowledge and content.” Vic, Homes By Us.

“I’m quite green so this was incredibly valuable information for me.” PHBI student

Construction Technology 2 + Moisture Control Technician

“Very thorough and all-encompassing course.  Provides a solid foundation for the understanding of moisture control.” PHBI student

 “Moisture control is a very important part of home building and therefore everyone involved in this industry should have knowledge in this area.” PHBI student

Energy Code

“A concise overview of new code details.”  PHBI student


“Very information.  It made me think about things differently.” PHBI student

“Great course for someone new to estimating.” Cody, Bedrock Homes

“Good course with lots of foundational knowledge.” PHBI student

“It’s great to learn the underlying principles in a field where spreadsheets and software are so prevalent.” PHBI student

Problem Solving in Home Building

“Course content is directly applicable to residential construction.  Principles taught and discussed can be immediately applied in day to day activities in the field.” Keith, Morrison Homes

“This course is very informative and worth taking.  Great tools to apply to the field and train trades with.”  PHBI student

“Useful information relating to everyday issues.” Cody, Bedrock Homes

“Great tools to apply to the field and train trades with.” PHBI student

“Very practical.  Illustrations and case studies are helpful.” PHBI student

Project Management & Supervision

“Course gave an excellent structure through which to visualize the flow of a well-managed site. Challenges were from real life situations that happen regularly, making the learning relevant - Thanks!!”  PHBI student

“Understanding of project management is crucial in implementing any project...the course was very helpful in breaking down the different aspects of project management.”  PHBI student

“Being a General Contractor myself for 18 years the explanations and examples shown throughout the modules were very realistic and was showing real situations in the construction phases of a project.”  PHBI student

“This course gives an overview of actual project management in office and on site. From my previous knowledge, it touched on most aspects of project management and gives the student knowledge to seek further information should they feel it to be necessary.”  PHBI student

Sales & Marketing Course Testimonials


Sales Skills Fundamentals

 “The content of this course is completely relevant.  It addresses real industry hurdles and shortfalls, arms us to achieve higher levels of services and sales and empowers us to take the driver’s seat in our career.”  Marianne, Jayman BUILT

“I would recommend this course as all of the course material guides new sales people through an honest path of learning – all applicable to every component of their job mastery” PHBI student

“I absolutely loved this course!  I can see where I’ve been falling short and can’t wait to implement my new tools.” Michelle, Jayman BUILT

Advanced Sales Skills

“Advanced Sales Skills is a very logical next step to Sales Skills Fundamentals.  It builds on the skills we learned in the fundamentals course and adds the next layer of expertise.  Definitely worthwhile for anyone looking for a career in sales.”  Marianne, Jayman Built

“Excellent course, real world applications.  We will be able to take techniques learned and apply them at work immediately.”  Jonathan, Cedar Ridge Homes

“I’ve taken several courses on goals, time management and overall professionalism but I’ve taken more from this this course that all other courses combined.  Instructor is very engaging & enthusiastic.” Charlene, Avonlea Homes

“I would recommend this course to others.  The information is extremely valuable to anyone who is new to sales in the home building industry.  If you have been in the industry for a while there are still valuable things that you can take out of it and improve your education and hopefully sell more homes.”  Jimmy, Ashcroft Homes

“I would definitely recommend this course and will look forward to all of my staff attending in the future.”  PHBI student

“I wouldn’t recommend this course because I don’t want my competitors to gain the advantage that I have gained” PHBI student

Condo Fundamentals

“I would recommend this course to others.  I sell condos, so this information is extremely important to know and to be able to pass on to potential buyers.” PHBI student

“It is crucial as sales associates to have accurate and good knowledge when helping purchasers make big decisions like buying a home/condo.  This course enables “you” to help clients make informed decisions by giving them the right education.” Fadi, Rohit Communities

“provides key understanding of different types of condominiums.  Explains how condominiums operate and what information is key to sell a condominium.” PHBI student

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone in home building or real estate industry.” Sofiia, Rohit Communities

Construction Fundamentals for Sales 

New course under construction!

Construction Basics for Sales 2

“Of all of the courses that I have taken so far; this was by far the most informative for me.” PHBI student

Customer Service Professional (with Carol Smith)

“This course was an eye opener that sheds life on new ways to deal with people in the service world. The concepts are very clear, easy to understand and apply the new strategies” PHBI student

“This course breaks down the material into easily digested ideas and make you think more about the roles and their effects on each member of a company.”  Andrew, McKee Homes

“Gives excellent insight into how customers behave and how we can deal with issues in order to come to a win-win situation.” Brent, Sterling Homes

“I would recommend this course because it gives a great overview on the builder/customer relationship and how to manage internal conflict.  There are great concepts and tools provided.” Rylea, Rockford Developments

“Honestly, greatest and most meaningful course that I have ever taken.  Very thorough course hitting every detail about customer service and more in the industry.  Loaded with tips!”  PHBI student

"This course provides an extremely well explained, relatable, and thorough teaching of customer service."   PHBI student

New Home Marketing

100% of the participants rated their overall impression of this newly re-written course as “Excellent”

“This course gives you a great understanding of what marketing really is in a detailed form.  It’s great for everyone in the home building industry.”  Jesse, Mason Martin Homes

“I would definitely recommend this course to individuals looking to become more involved in either sales or marketing.” Darren, Jayman BUILT

Sales Management

“There are many key factors such as cost analysis, budgeting, marketing, sales strategies and tactics that many rookie Sales Managers aren’t too familiar with. After taking this course, I feel that this should be a prerequisite for anyone entering into a Sales Manager role.” PHBI student

“I would recommend this course to many of my associates professionally, as I know a ton of sales people in the industry, however the sales management knowledge that comes with this course is essential to be a better sales person let alone moving ahead with a career in sales management.” PHBI student

“Provides very good insight on how sales management works by going through different aspects in great detail.” PHBI student

“Teaches how to drive your front line and see your business as a whole. How to budget for the year and how you should be selling your product.”  PHBI student