Remote training and development: Top tips to take it to the next level

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If you want to come out of this crisis ahead, now’s the time to invest in yourself — and your team.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, your primary focus should include your health, safety and family. Right now, your family, your community, and your organization are counting on you to do your part to slow the advance of COVID-19 by following all recommended guidelines and best practices in keeping you and those around you healthy and safe. Emerging successfully from this crisis requires forward-thinking to determine what you can do now to prepare for the future.

Once you’ve established healthy habits and a safe-at-home working environment, now’s the time to take advantage of training uptime in your new-normal downtime.

Whether you’re upskilling to take your career to the next level, managing a team in need of development, or you're looking to broaden your skill-set with some time and money-friendly short courses, we’ve got you covered. PHBI features Canada’s most comprehensive offering of online, real estate-specific education and training options to fit your schedule and budget.

Here are our top tips to make the most of your remote world:

If you’re an employee looking to grow your career

Consider deepening your existing skill set or adding some new tools by taking cost and time-effective professional development courses.

Or, look to enhance your professionalism by investing in our Business, Construction or Sales & Marketing courses or a certification.

If you’re managing a remote team that needs training and development

Remote work provides a wealth of opportunities and pitfalls as employees and employers adjust to a world requiring self-starting, self-managing contributors who thrive without constant supervision. We offer employer-curated and off-the-shelf education and custom training options that allow managers to set up courses and programs, track progress, encourage success, and empower employees, all without ever leaving your house.

If you require in-demand skills during the COVID crisis

While evolving approaches to health and safety intended to curb the advance of COVID in Canada are necessary and advised, they also provide unique and challenging constraints on existing business models. In many cases, companies are moving quickly to remote delivery in an online world. For sales, marketing, and customer care teams, this means finding new and convenient ways to serve customers online. PHBI offers short professional development courses to help individuals and companies quickly adapt and excel.

If you’re newly out-of-work and looking to upgrade your career

Losing your job – no matter the reason – is never pleasant, and job uncertainty adds stress in an already uncertain time. But job seekers take heart – now is the time to invest in upgrading your career. Coming out ahead, and better positioning yourself for new challenges requires acquiring new skills and sharpening old ones. The best way to do that is to embark on training that supports those aspirations. Don’t sit back; take action that will benefit you in the long-run, and keep you busy in the short-run. Get started with our Job Search Skills and Ten Soft Skills You Need courses.

No matter your situation, there’s a PHBI course for you and your team. So, while you do your part in working together to overcome this crisis, don’t forget that coming out ahead means making the most of your time now, even if that time is at a premium.

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