Essential industry insight sets us apart

We're committed to ensuring our training leads and supports the residential construction industry, consistently delivering on our commitment to student success. In order to realize this mandate, our Education Advisory Committee – an external group of respected business, industry, labour and civic leaders – provides guidance that ensures our programs, courses and certifications are current and relevant to industry. The Committee works to forge closer cooperation between industry and education by continually improving the professional-technical preparation of our students.

Responsibilities include:

  • Quality assurance evaluation of existing PHBI curriculum
  • Review of learning outcomes for all courses and certifications
  • Consultation on competitive, economic and human resource trends in industry
  • Application of influence and authority to assist PHBI in achieving its outcomes
  • Communication of PHBI education objectives to external organizations
  • Assistance with resolving issues and risks
  • Support for other relevant initiatives and stakeholder interests, as needed

The guidance of our Education Advisory Committee positively impacts the future success of our students, ensuring our learners are well-prepared to begin their careers and contribute to the vitality of Canada’s residential construction industry.

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