Cost: $649.00
Hours: 18
What our students say:
“We're proud of our partnership with PHBI and endorse the quality education and development programs offered through the Institute.” Donna Moore, Past CEO Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region

“For over 25 years, PHBI has delivered quality education with practical applications.” Steve Ruggiero, President Kimberley Homes, Edmonton

“Jayman has literally put hundreds of our employees through PHBI training, and a number of our team members have the Master Builder designation. I credit much of Jayman BUILT’s success to PHBI.” Jay Westman, Chairman & CEO, Jayman BUILT
Explore basic orthographic concepts and methods, and apply them to plans for single and multi-family housing projects. Deepen your familiarity with different types of drawings and their various levels of detail; sharpen your understanding of symbols, drawing styles, specifications and notes; and learn to organize drawings into complete, appropriate sets of plans.

Prerequisites: For those new to the industry, Construction Fundamentals or Residential Construction Site Management (RCSM) Level 1 must be taken prior to enrolment in this class. This prior knowledge is necessary as students need to have an understanding of construction and construction terminology for this course.
Please register by February 18, 2022 to ensure you receive class material.
Virtual Classroom - 18 hours
Session Dates: Wednesdays & Fridays at 10am - 12pm MST, Mar. 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25 and 30.

Exam & Passing Grade: