Frequently Asked Questions


Q:           Why is the Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI ) making these changes to the New Home and Builder Review?

A:            In our on-going dialogue with Builder Members, they indicated they would prefer to utilize their own designated survey provider.  PHBI led discussions with a large cross section of Alberta Builders and the results were very consistent  -  Builders want to choose their own provider, their own questions and their own timing …PHBI should move out of the market research game.


Q:           What does this change mean to me as a builder?

A:            With PHBI exiting from the New Home and Builder Review, Builders will now be able to select the research provider of their choice.  The Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP) will collect quality and risk mitigation questions internally, however the full slate of questions would be discontinued.


Q:           How will these ANHWP questions be answered?

A:            These ANHWP questions will become part of the new home owner process when a new buyer validates their warranty and accesses the ANHWP Portal.  Limited results will be provided to Builder Members on a timely basis through the ANHWP Builder Portal.


Q:           What if I want to continue with a full slate of questions?

A:            Our previous market research provider, CustomerInsight, has created a “Survey Continuation Program” for those who want to continue with a full market research program.


Q:           What will be the cost for the Survey Continuation Program?

A:            That will vary based on the number of questions and other factors.  It would be best to contact CustomerInsight or your preferred survey provider  to get the specifics.


Q:           When does this take effect?

A:            PHBI will continue with the current NHBR until December 31, 2015.


Q:           What does this mean to the annual CHBA Awards?

A:            While we expect that 2016 will be our last year with the NHBR, we are currently in discussions with local CHBA chapters to decide on what our participation will look like in 2017.