Residential Construction Site Manager (RCSM)

(Canada's first Occupational Certificate for the home building industry)

Are you looking for a meaningful edge – a compelling way to distinguish yourself from your peers and a level of professionalism that’s simply unsurpassed in Alberta’s home building industry?

Residential Construction Site Manager (RCSM) program – the first and only program of its kind for the home building industry in Canada – develops a depth of knowledge that empowers site managers to stand out as "best in class."

Guided by the reality that home construction is becoming ever more complex and sophisticated, RCSM focuses on industry best practices to ensure graduates come to the work site with a higher level of site management competencies including both technical and soft skills. Onsite training in a safe coaching environment ensures a seamless carry-over of RCSM’s knowledge and skills into the real world of new home construction.

RCSM training program comprises three levels of education that culminate in eligibility for Canada’s first Occupational Certification for the residential construction industry:

Level 1 (online only): Immerse yourself in the residential construction site management process through state-of-the-art 3D modelling of the onsite construction process.

Level 2 (classroom + online): Develop an advanced understanding of home building practices and technologies.

Level 3 (classroom + online): Round out your construction knowledge with essential management skills and best practices.

After successfully completing the RCSM Level 3 exam, you may write the Provincial exam to earn the Province of Alberta’s Occupational Certification.

Required Courses

Level 1

  • Construction Fundamentals (RCSM level 1)

Level 2

  • Building Codes
  • Construction Performance Guidelines
  • Construction Technology 1
  • Construction Technology 2 + Moisture Control Technician
  • Home Building on Alberta Soils
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • Plans, Specifications & Drawings
  • Project Management & Supervision Fundamentals

Level 3

  • Business Ethics (replaces Ethics in Home Building)
  • Business & Management Fundamentals (replaces Business Planning & Management)
  • Communication & Negotiation
  • Customer Service Professional
  • Law Fundamentals for the Home Building Industry
  • Problem Solving in Home Building

RCSM Requirements

To upgrade from PHBI's Site Manager Certification to the RCSM

 Alberta learning and Information Service (  has prepared an Occupational video on the RCSM program.  Click on the attached link, go to the occupational video tab, and search residential construction site manager to view the view the video.