Online exams

Participants registered in an online course are required complete the entire online course before they take the final exam.

To have access to your final exam, you must complete:

  • Each online module including assessments and quizzes.
  • Course Evaluation Survey located in the Survey section.

Note: If you do not complete all the above your exam cannot be accessed, even if you have scheduled the exam with a third-party proctor.

Classroom exams

Participants registered in a classroom course must attend all classroom sessions to be able to write the exam.

All courses are closed book exams, except for Building Codes, which is open book as participants will need to reference the material in order to complete the exam.

Exam rewrite

Students who fail to achieve passing grade of 70%, are permitted to do a maximum of two rewrites. Additional fees apply. This doesn’t apply to exam challenge.

Challenging a course

Individuals who feel they have proficiency in the subject matter may choose to challenge the course by purchasing the final exam, no course material will be provided. Students who fail to achieve passing grade of 70%, will be permitted one rewrite only if the grade was 60% or higher. Restrictions may apply.


If you have questions about your exams, contact us today.