General exam information

Passing grades

All courses have a minimum passing grade of 70%.

Exam length

are maximum of two hours in duration.

Exam material

All PHBI courses are closed book. Please note, you are required to bring the Building Codes book for the Building Codes course and exam.

Exam rewrites

If a student does not successfully complete the final exam for a PHBI course, they have a maximum of two (2) additional exam rewrites.
There is an administration fee of $50 + tax, per rewrite, which must be paid in advance. In addition, a third-party proctor may charge a fee for their service; this is not included in your PHBI course fee or administration fee.
Exam rewrites are not available for challenge exams.

Scheduling a rewrite exam

If you fail the final exam, you will automatically be enrolled in the Exam Rewrite. To schedule the Exam Rewrite, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your PHBI account
  2. Open the Exam Rewrite
  3. Click the “$50.00” button on the top-right to add to your cart and pay the $50 fee
  4. Click the “Link to Schedule Online ProctorU Rewrite Exam” in the Resources section to schedule the Rewrite Exam

Rescheduling an exam

If an online exam proctored through ProctorU must be rescheduled, any fee that ProctorU may charge will apply.  
If an in-person exam must be rescheduled with less than five business days notice, a $50 + tax fee will apply. No fee will be charged to reschedule an exam when at least five business days advance notice has been provided.  

Exam challenge or proficiency test

Students who feel they have proficiency in a given subject may choose to challenge PHBI's exam.

Students will not be provided access to course materials to prepare for the challenge exam. Exam challenge participants will only be given one opportunity to pass a challenge exam with a minimum passing grade of 70% or greater. 

Exam challenge rewrites are not permitted.

Course Credit

Upon successful completion of the exam challenge, students will be eligible for a $100 credit* towards another course. Students must request the credit from PHBI within 3 months of successfully completing the exam challenge.

*Minimum course price of $500. Credit must be redeemed within 18 months from the date the credit is received.

Online exams

If you're registered in an online course, it is mandatory you complete the entire course before taking the final exam. If you don't complete the entire course, your exam cannot be accessed, even if you've scheduled the exam with a third-party proctor. 

Third party exam proctoring is required for all online exams

A third-party proctor may charge a fee for their service; this is not included in your PHBI course fees.
There are two way an exam can be proctored:

  • Online exam proctoring through ProctorU
  • In-person exam proctoring

Online exam proctoring through ProctorU

Effective from August 17, 2020 PHBI offers live online exam proctoring available 24/7 through ProctorU. This is a convenient and affordable way to complete your online exam from any location with Internet access, while a proctor monitors you remotely.

Third-party proctor examination fee

The ProctorU examination fee is $30 USD (approximately $40 CDN).


An exam can be booked on short notice through ProctorU; refer to ProctorU for further details and applicable extra fees.

ProctorU requirements

You will require:
  • a high-speed internet connection
  • a Windows or Apple iOS operating system
  • Chrome or Firefox web browser
  • a government issued photo ID (driver's license or passport)
  • a webcam (internal or external) and microphone
There is no complicated software required. ProctorU connects you online to a real person. This person will walk you through the exam process and assist if you experience technical difficulties.

Using ProctorU in four easy steps

  1. Create your ProctorU account
  2. Test your equipment 
    • Ensure you are using the current version of your browser.
      • Download the ProctorU Extension:
        • Available for Chrome
        • Available for Firefox 
    • Please note: Chromebooks and iOS are not supported at this time.
  3. Schedule your exam
    • It is mandatory you complete the full online course prior to writing the exam
    • Click Schedule the Exam link available in the Resource section of your course to schedule your exam.
  4. Complete your exam
    • On the day of your exam, login to your ProctorU account.
    • Click on the Start Session button to be connected with an online proctor.
    • The proctor will validate your identity, check the testing environment, review the rules and then start the exam.
    • The proctor will monitor the session for any violations and will report to PHBI if required.
    • Once you submit your completed exam, the proctoring session ends.

In-person third-party proctoring

If you do not have the equipment required for an online proctored exam, an in-person live proctor should be found that meets the proctor requirements (see details below). You will make arrangements with the proctor to have the online exam proctored. 

Proctor requirements

No conflict of interest between the approved proctor (invigilator) and student is permitted. The proctor should not be a family member, friend, neighbour, co-worker or supervisor of the student, and should not reside at the same address as the student.
Recognized proctors:
  • Manager or Supervisor from a different department,
  • Accountant,
  • Human Resource contact,
  • Lawyer, Notary Public, Commissioner of Oaths.
  • Contact PHBI if you would like more information

Exam fee

Proctor fees are not included in your course fees. You will pay your proctor directly for their services. Prices may vary.


A minimum of five business days advance notice is required by PHBI to arrange in-person proctoring.
Steps for in-person proctoring
  1. Find a proctor who meets the Proctor Requirements
  2. Pay the administration fees
    • Pay the $50 administration fee if you are:
      • scheduling an exam rewrite Pay the fee through the Exam Rewrite
        • Pay the fee by following these steps:
          • Open the Exam Rewrite
          • Click the “$50.00” button on the top-right to add to your cart and pay the $50 fee
      • rescheduling your exam within 5 business days of the originally scheduled exam date
        • Pay the fee by following these steps:
          • Open the Exam you have rescheduled
          • Click the “$50.00” button on the top-right to add to your cart and pay the $50 fee
      • Note: If you've not paid the administration fee prior to your exam rewrite or rescheduled exam, your exam is not accessible and cannot be written.
  3. Complete and send your Proctor Form to PHBI
    • Complete page 1 of your Proctor Form
      • Send the invigilation center the Proctor Form (with page 1 already filled out and a scanned copy of two pieces of your photo ID) and request that they:
        • fill out page 2 the Proctor Form
        • Email the form to no later than five business days prior to the exam date


Fees vary, depending on location and company policy.


If you have questions about your exams, contact us today.