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About Training Ontario

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We’re Ontario’s premium provider of quality education for the residential construction industry.

The Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI) was established in Alberta in 1987, by builders, for builders. Here in Ontario, we are commonly known as Training Ontario. Since our inception, we’ve kept pace with the home construction industry’s ever-changing needs by designing and delivering practical education that meets or exceeds the national benchmarks established by the Canadian Home Builders Association, as well as the licensing requirements set by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA).

In British Columbia, PHBI is branded as BC Builder Training.

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Training Ontario is the province’s premium provider of quality education for the residential construction industry and is a collaboration between PHBI and Blue House Energy. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Blue House Energy is a key player in training for the home construction and renovation sector, with special focus on online delivery of education that is engaging and easily accessible to working professionals.

Together with proven subject matter experts and HCRA, we have designed industry-specific courses to meet HCRA’s educational requirements. All courses are presented in an online learning format that offers students the flexibility to build their careers on their own schedule. In addition, PHBI’s general professional development courses are available to Ontario students and builders.

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In Alberta, PHBI offers dozens of courses in three key industry disciplines: Business, Construction, and Sales and Marketing. Our curriculum is developed and delivered by seasoned instructors who are recognized as subject matter experts in their respective disciplines, and who lead classroom courses in Calgary and Edmonton, and virtual classroom courses across the country.

By getting certified through programs offered by PHBI, homebuilders can distinguish themselves from their peers and demonstrate their commitment to professionalism. These certifications focus on essential core competencies, including Business, Construction, and Sales & Marketing, providing in-depth knowledge necessary for thriving in Canada’s dynamic residential construction sector. The ever-evolving nature of the industry, with advancements in materials, building technologies, and warranty obligations, emphasizes the importance of ongoing education for homebuilders.

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British Columbia

In collaboration with British Columbia-based industry subject matter experts, BC Builder Training offers customized online courses specifically for the provincial residential construction market. Our courses meet BC Housing’s Qualification (Core Competency) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training requirements and achieve all the required learning outcomes for each subject area.

Our courses are presented exclusively in an online learning format and deliver comprehensive industry-specific training via digital study materials. We’re proud to deliver quality education that is flexible and accessible to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.